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Working with a Great Student? Let Us Know!

News Story

Here at Opportunitas, we want to know about the Pace students who inspire you to continue working toward greatness each and every day.

As the final exams and papers pour in, we know you’ll be sad to say goodbye to a handful of impactful, influential students—the type of students who don’t come around every day, and make teaching not only tolerable, but a sincere pleasure. While their time at Pace is limited, we at Opportunitas, would like to know which students inspire you. 

Be it through collaborative research, a strong mentor-mentee relationship, or general high achievement, Opportunitas is looking to highlight students who have had a particularly strong impact on professors. If you’re reading this and a name or two comes to mind, or if you’re working with a student who you believe deserves wider acknowledgement from the Pace Community, we would love to hear from you at

We look forward to your e-mails, and wish you a happy and healthy holiday.