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Pace Launches Disarmament Institute

News Story

Dyson is proud to announce the launch of the International Disarmament Institute, an academic center providing world-class education and research on global disarmament, arms control, and non-proliferation policymaking.

Pace University has a long, rich history of disarmament education and research. The Model United Nations program, which has consistently achieved high marks over the past few years, has been around since 1950. Pace Professor Benjamin Ferencz, a prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trials, ran the Law School’s Pace Peace Center. More recently, Pace launched the only Peace and Justice Studies major in Manhattan, through which director Emily Welty, PhD, and other professors have become involved in disarmament issues related to the UN. And this year, the Department of Political Science received a grant of about $194,000 from the UN Trust Facility Supporting Cooperation on Arms Regulation (UNSCAR), and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has highlighted Pace University’s “growing role in disarmament education.”

Several decades of disarmament research and leadership has culminated in the launch of the International Disarmament Institute at Dyson College. Housed on the New York City Campus—only two express subway stops from the United Nations headquarters—the institute will serve as a hub for new research and thinking regarding humanitarian and human rights challenges threatened by weapons of mass destruction, the arms trade, militarization, emerging weapons technologies, and more. The Disarmament Institute, fostering collaboration and engagement, will also play a convening role, bringing together scholars, activists, and like-minded individuals. This ethos is perhaps highlighted by the annual Humanitarian Disarmament Forum, which, since 2014, has brought together dozens of policy experts, humanitarians, and activists working on disarmament issues in New York City.

Director and Dyson Professor Matthew Bolton, PhD, is excited about the launch. Says Bolton, "throughout historyin many different times and places—societies have placed limits on violence, through cultural norms, religious injunctions, codes of conduct, laws, and treaties. In a time of growing insecurity, the International Disarmament Institute seeks to revive conversations about how to control, mitigate and resist the human impact of violent technology. It offers world class research and education on disarmament policymaking and plays a convening role for diplomatic conversations.”

All in all, the launch of this Institute should be a boon to both global disarmament education and Pace’s role in helping lead the way in global arms control, advocacy, and policymaking.

For more information on the International Disarmament Institute, please visit their website, or contact director Matthew Bolton, PhD, at