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May: ITS Connect

News Story

Here's what you need to know about using Wi-Fi in the classroom, grade and course evaluation delays for Dyson and Lubin, and the ins and outs of using Lync.

Using Wireless in Pace Classrooms?

Did you know that there are several considerations for using Wi-Fi in the classroom? The following tips will help:

  • >> Contact ITS to assess the wireless capacity in a classroom and your plans for using technology that needs Wi-Fi, such as PollEverywhere, in-class testing software, or asking students to access the web or video during class.
  • >> Be cautious with time-sensitive activities that need wireless service. Due to high usage by numerous devices, availability in classrooms can't be guaranteed.
  • >> Turn off unnecessary Wi-Fi devices. Devices left on may consume bandwidth and reduce service for the devices you want your students to use.
  • >> Encourage students to update wireless drivers and ensure that they have registered their devices prior to coming to class. More information is available here.
  • >> The type of mobile device and how it uses Wi-Fi makes a difference. Devices that use 802.11n or 802.11ac perform better, and ITS can help assess this for you.

Over the past few months, ITS has been upgrading additional access points in many locations across our campuses. These access points offer more speed (802.11ac compatible) and allow more users to be connected. Additionally, we are conducting technical analyses of key areas to ensure that we have proper wireless signal strength and coverage.

Use Lync for Conference Calls

Join conference calls with a direct number and conference ID from anywhere. No need to call the switchboard. Microsoft Lync can be used to conduct meetings while off campus. Call number and conference IDs are accessible within your meeting invite using Outlook. To learn more about Microsoft Lync conferencing, visit:

Dyson and Lubin Course Evaluations and Grade Delays

Course evaluation is critical in providing constructive feedback to faculty and their departments on the quality of instruction delivered at Pace. Dyson College and Lubin School of Business are urging all students taking any Dyson or Lubin course to participate.

Course evaluations for spring 2015 will be available during the following time frame: Sunday, April 26–Sunday, May 10. This semester, grades will be delayed until Friday, May 22, for any students who have not completed all of their evaluations by the deadline noted above. Further details and instructions will be sent to students when the period opens in late April. Faculty will receive an e-mail on Friday, May 22, with information on how to run their reports.

Questions? For Dyson contact Rich Miller ( and for Lubin contact Tom Miliano (