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Do you have plans after work?

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We’re looking for you! We know you have hobbies and interests outside of work and we want to hear all about them. Juggler, dancer, dog groomer, fire-eater? Share your story!

We know that there’s more to life than just working—in fact, work isn’t your life, but a means to a life. Our Staff by Day column celebrates the fact that we’re more than just our jobs, but while we love to tell your stories, we need your help. If you’ve read our latest incarnation of the Staff by Day column, then you’re familiar with Brandon McCluskey, staff member by day, historical re-enactor by night; and Jennifer Ko, staff member by day, aerial artist by night. Not swinging by your ankles on the flying trapeze or traipsing across a field in full Roman armor? No worries! We want to know about your adventures in scrapbooking, amateur photography or poetry writing, kite-building, baking, or whatever else you're up to after hours. 

What you do away from work is important, and even more than that, it’s fun and interesting. So if you have something that you love to do, love to talk about, and want to share with your coworkers, then by all means send it to Opportunitas!

Juggler, dancer, dog groomer, scrapbooker, fire-eater? Share your story! Shoot us an e-mail at