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Call for Convocation Keynotes

News Story

The Convocation committee is seeking faculty speakers for this fall’s Convocation ceremonies on the New York City and Westchester campuses.

Nominations are now open for speakers for Convocation 2017 which will both be held on Tuesday, September 5. The Convocation committee is seeking two members of the Pace Community, one for each campus, to serve as keynote speakers for the event.

The Convocation speakers from the last two years have been Richard Ebil Ottoo, PhD, vice president at the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP), and Dean Neil Braun of the Lubin School of Business, on the New York City Campus, and for the Westchester Campus, Matthew Ganis, DPS, senior technical director with IBM and adjunct professor of computer science and astronomy, and Hillary Knepper, PhD, associate professor for public administration.

We would like to continue the tradition and pick a faculty member, Pace alumnus, or local community leader—to do this, we need your help in determining an outstanding candidate for each campus. And faculty, don’t forget: you can self-nominate!

Nominations and other recommendations will be accepted through March 3, and can be accessed through the nomination form.

For more information about Convocation, please visit