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Join the Creative Writers’ Workshop—a multi-genre writing community dedicated to empowering students writing about race and ethnicity and earn three credits, too.

Are you a Pace student writer who is interested in writing about the experiences of people of color? Are you seeking a community where you can share your work and talk about what it means to write about race and ethnicity in the world today? Then join the Creative Writers’ Workshop today. Formerly known as the POC Writer’s Workshop, this workshop also offers students the opportunity to earn credits while doing what they love.

This fall 2017 workshop is committed to empowering young writers—especially writers of color—in all genres to write about their experiences as well as exploring the practice and craft of writing in a supportive and nurturing environment.    

All writers welcome regardless of experience. We need your stories!

An info session will take place on Tuesday, September 12, at 4:00 p.m. at the English Department (41 Park Row, 15th floor). If you have an interest in registering, please contact Dyson Professor Bureen Ruffin at