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Pace Online Degree Completion Program

Q: How does Pace Online differ from Pace University? Will my degree be any different? 
A: You will receive the same Pace University degree as all our other students with a corresponding diploma and transcript from Pace University. What's different about Pace Online is:
  • The Pace Online program is for busy adults who are working full-time or have other obligations that do not enable them the time to be in the classroom during the week or during typical working hours. 
  • The Pace Online program is designed to be completed 100% online giving students full flexibility through independent work combined with collaborative sessions involving classmates and faculty. 
Q: How much time must I commit to the program each week?
A: We expect you to allocate 10-15 hours per week. This will include both individual learning and group collaboration.
Q: What is the average class size?
A: The average class size is approximately 20 students.
Q:  What financial aid is available to students in the program?
A:  Students are eligible for federally funded student loans through FAFSA and from private sources. Pace University is also a recognized Yellow Ribbon participant in support of U.S. Veterans.
Q: What computer hardware and software will I need?
A: Visit the Technology Requirements page for specifications.
Q: What is it like to take an online course?
A: The Pace Online courses are taught asynchronously, meaning that student can complete the required coursework on their own time and not at a specify time. There is never a specific time that students need to “meet online” for class. While online classes provide flexibility so that you can plan your coursework around your busy schedule, you should be prepared to spend as much time covering the material and interacting with your professor and classmates (real time and via email) as you would in a traditional classroom-based course. To see what an Pace Online course looks like, e-mail to request access to a Blackboard classroom so that you can tour our learning platform.
Q: Do you have a help desk for technical questions?
A: Yes, we have technical help available for phone and e-mail consultation. Although we do not provide 24x7 coverage, we do provide about 12-hour coverage and maximum 12-hour response times for students. Also, vendors supplying much of the software used in the program have 24x7 help desks. More information on ITS availability and hours can be found on the Technology Requirements page.
Q: If I'm a student with a disability and require accommodations, are accommodations available to Pace Online students?  What office would I need to contact?
A: Yes. Resources are available to students with disabilities through the Office of Disability Services (ODS) to enable them to have equal access to Pace University's educational programs, including Pace Online, and facilities. The University's commitment to equal educational opportunities for students with disabilities includes providing reasonable accommodations for the needs of students with disabilities. 
For additional information on registering with ODS and the process of requesting accommodations, please refer to the University's Office of Disability Services website.