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Purposeful Planning : Pace Path Planning Guide

Pace Path Plan: Your Four Year Guide to Success

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The Pace Path Plan in UNV 101

In this assignment you will create a Pace Path Plan for your personal, academic, and professional goals for the time you spend at Pace University. It will include co-curricular activities and on-campus leadership, coaching/mentoring, and experiential learning. Your plan should be flexible and will evolve over time. It will primarily focus in depth on your first two years, but will also address your last two years. Your individual plan should articulate:

  • The reason you chose your major or are interested in a possible major you wish to explore.
  • Personal, academic, and professional goals you would like to pursue and achieve.
  • Co-curricular activities in which you plan to participate.
  • Experiential learning opportunities in which you will engage.
  • A potential coaching/mentoring relationship to cultivate within and outside of Pace.

You will write a reflective essay (400 word; 3 paragraphs) on your Pace Path planning.

Within your plan, there are numerous opportunities to engage in RISE (Research activities, International experiences, Service learning, and Experiential learning) opportunities such as internships, clinical experiences, research projects, civic engagement, and study abroad, as well as leadership positions on-campus and other experiential learning.

Remember to include Career Services, which is the place to go to explore internships. Students who use Career Services have better opportunities to find full-time employment more quickly after graduation.

When it is completed, the plan should be uploaded to your Pace Path Plan websform (log-in links above) in order to have it accessible throughout your four years at Pace, especially for when you attend advising sessions.

Your plan will serve as a guide for your personal Pace Path in order to make the most of your Pace experience. Each semester as you will grow, learn, and reflect, you will modify your plan. By making the most of your time at Pace University, you will distinguish yourself through your individualized Pace Path Plan as you pursue your interests and goals.

Students should click on the "students" link above to access the template for their plans and fill out their first two years and last two years for the following areas (including a narrative/reflective essay).

Personal Goals and Action Steps

Academic Goals and Action Steps

Professional Goals and Action Steps

Co-Curricular Activities/On-Campus Leadership


Experiential Learning


Sample Four -Year Overview

The Pace Path is an innovative program unique to Pace University that helps each student become successful in college, career, and life. It was developed to prepare students to meet the needs of the 21st century workplace. Each student develops strengths in managing oneself, interpersonal relations, and organizational awareness through co-curricular activities within an academic program. This is accomplished through collaboration with Pace faculty, advisers, staff, coaches and mentors. The Pace Path is framed by Pace's historic mission of Opportunitas and prepares innovative thinkers through a powerful combination of knowledge in the professions, real-world experience, and a rigorous liberal arts curriculum.


The Pace Path begins in the first-year with UNV 101, a one-credit course that focuses on the student’s transition to college life.

Sophomore Year

With the assistance of professional and faculty advisers, students select and participate in Pace Path activities tailored to their individual four-year plans.

  • Students begin to work with coaches/mentors identified by professional and faculty advisers and engage in co-curricular activities.
  • Students engage in experiential learning such as service learning, international study, and research.

Junior Year

By the end of the junior year, students will select coaches/mentors of their choosing and continue engagement in experiential learning.

  • Coaches/mentors continue to be faculty and advisers, peer mentors, graduate students, work or intern supervisors, and/or alumni. Student can also choose their mentors outside of the Pace Community in order to have exposure to external perspectives. Students have opportunities to find mentors through their schools or colleges and the Alumni-Student Mentoring Program. Students continue to engage in co-curricular activities.
  • Students continue to engage in co-curricular activities and show progress with experiential learning activities such as service learning, international study, and research. Many students will choose internship, cooperative education, and clinical experiences.

Senior Year

By senior year, students in most majors should be connected to coaches/mentors who do professional work in their chosen fields.

  • These connections will be related to the chosen college major and include internships, clinical experiences, and research. Students continue engaging in co-curricular activities.
  • Many majors incorporate the Pace Path into the curriculum in the form of capstone projects, such as internships, cooperative education, clinical experiences, research projects, civic engagement, and practical applications.



Pace Path - A plan for success in the classroom and beyond