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Body and Mind – BAM

Students who are interested in yoga, pilates, and health and wellness topics for a holistic approach to development. Focus on maintaining a physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy lifestyle. In hall cooking lessons, yoga, and Pilates classes are just some of the offerings available to community members!

Alyssa Caffarelli
Residence Director

Dr. Jane Collins
Faculty Partner

Kirk Pineda, Lexi Parisi
Resident Assistants

FIG Lounge: Alumni 400

Student Testimonials


Katie Bevilacqua - Class of 2020

As a freshmen I was a member of the Body and Mind (BAM) FIG. This FIG played a big role in my adjustment into the University. The FIG offered many activities not only to meet new people but also taught us many ways to live a healthy life in college. I participated in yoga, aroma therapy, meditation, hiking trips, smoothie nights and so much more. I am grateful to have had such a close community by my side my first year.

Fatimah Majors - Class of 2019

The Body and Mind FIG was one of the best things I've participated in while on campus. It has helped me with my communication skills, my involvement on campus, relationships with my peers and staying fit while in college. I loved that I was surrounded by people with the same interests. I think that being a part of the BAM FIG is like being a part of a big healthy family.

Teresa Funk - Class of 2018

Body and Mind has played a role in my freshman year by helping me stay active in college. In high school I was very active in sports and always participating in intermural. Coming to college though I knew that I would no longer be on a sports team and would have to find my own way to stay in shape. Since intermural can conflict with my class schedule, the fact that I can do yoga and Pilates is really beneficial!

Faculty Testominal

Dr. Jane Collins (FIG Faculty Partner)

Participating in the FIG program allows me to have a different kind of interaction with Pace students than I have in my classroom. As we do activities together—like yoga or making a healthy meal—we can interact as friends and get to know each other in a more casual way. I truly value the time I spend with Body and Mind House students: they are excited about life, open to new experiences and fun to be around.


  • Regular yoga, pilates, and kickboxing sessions with professional instructors
  • Workshops with a local health coach on health eating and cooking choices
  • Spirituality and wellness discussions facilitated by faculty and staff members